German Pope

This is how you can tell the pope is German. I couldn't pass this one up. Please rate this pic so I know what type of pics you enjoy the most. Follow my blog pics updated daily =)

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Another Good Find

This is another good one. People have way too much time on their hands. Good thing for that it gives us something to laugh at.

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Nice Brakes

Hahahaha.. Gotta love it! Good one Toyota.

Funniest Pics Ever

Just got up adsense

Finally figured out how to get adsense up!! does anyone have any pointers on how to push my blog site more effectively?
Funniest Pics Ever

My New Website

I welcome all to take a look at a new website I am putting together. Feel free to take a peek. Be ready to laugh. Some real funny pics here.. =)


First post

Hello fellow bloggers. Just making sure this is set up right..