Drunkest Interview Ever

It's always good to have a few beers before you talk to the local news reporters, especially if you say during the interview "I'm gonna get racial here."

Cockblocked by Siri

A Science Fiction Epic. This is exactly why I use Android.

Greatest Tasering of All Time

Greatest Tasering of All Time - This TASER video is probably the best TASER video you'll ever see.

Streaker Fail

Streaking is great until you run directly into the streak-free glass that surrounds the tennis court. Do NOT Try this at home kids.

Crane Lifting A Crane FAIL!

You know this got someone if not a few people fired. Luckily no one got hurt during the filming.

Now so hot~so go library topless

Not so hot girl enters a crowded library. Check this out!

Criminals Pick Wrong Gas Station To Rob

Just when you thought your gas station robbery couldn't go any worse the owner's wife jumps in and adds a couple swift kicks to the face. I think it is kinda funny the husband was smacking him in the but while his wife was kicking him in the face. I think we see who wears the pants in that relationship.

Drunk Chick Fail

3, 2, 1... ARE YOU OK?! She had to have got hurt during this one.

Beer Speed Drinking Fail

This guy tries to prove to everyone he can speed drink a few beers, he's looking good until he wants to see what all that beer looks like after swallowed. It gets funny 1:58 min into it.

Do you have any cock?

This english instruction video teaches you how to ask for coke and it sounds exactly like you think it would.

Reporter Upskirt Fail

What is that large black thing between this reporters legs under her skirt?

Chick Fails Hard Off Rope Swing

This is without a doubt the biggest rope swing fail so far this year. We're still surprised this chick wasn't really hurt

Pool Cue Knocks Down Cameraman

Nothing like catching a pool cue in the stomach to remind you of where not to stand while filming your drunk friend.

Double Nostril Recorder Ode to Joy

Double Nostril Recorder Ode to Joy just as Beethoven originally intended.. I'd love to see him try to play three next time.